33  Drivers responded
54% of the 2007 drivers responded
Events Entered
Live In State Average Year
76% CA 2.3 2007
21% AZ 2.4 2006
2.2 2005
Top Reasons for not running more rallies (greater than 30%)
67% I have limited funds for ralling and cannot run all of the events I would like to.
4.2 events are all I can afford to run each year (average of those who checked this)
65% I have limited time for rallying because of:
39% work
24% family obligations
21% other hobbies
3% health and money issues
3% life in general
52% I only run the rallies I like.  
33% There is just too much work to do on the car to make it to more events than I currently do
21% As a result of damage at events.
15% Just normal maintainance
6% As a result of a crash
What is most important to drivers
wrt 100
90 fun roads
80 roads that don't damage my car
78 low entry fee
78 competitor friendly event
74 minimize the number of days away from work or home
73 tight technical roads
71 lots of stage mileage
71 having extra spacing when dust is an issue
68 short transits
59 fast roads
58 spectator areas
57 event is close to where I live
55 having Stage Notes
50 extra time on the transits (in case I need to work on the car)
48 large service areas
46 parties and food supplied by the organizer
44 black top service areas
44 press and PR
40 having turn-around stages
40 doing RECCE
39 event souvenirs
39 going home with a nice trophy
37 stadium or super stages
34 event program
29 FIA type rules
28 having big names at the event