Championship Events

There will be certain minimum requirements which must be met if an event is to be considered for inclusion into the CRS. These requirements have been established to develop credibility in the eyes of the competitors, and thereby promote rallying in general (and the CRS specifically). To be considered for inclusion in the CRS Rally Championship a coefficient 2 or 3 event must first have executed a successful event. There will not be any additions to the CRS calendar after Jan 1. Any changes to the schedule published must be approved by the CRS BOG.

Rally Championship Classes

The five CRS classes will be recognised at all rally events (Open 4WD, CRS-2, CRS-5, CRS GT and Performance Stock). The SCC is responsible for the determination of vehicle eligibility for the Stock Classes. The SCC will furnish a list of qualified CRS GT and Performance Stock Class vehicles to the organizer prior to the start.


Any claims will be handled per the competition rules under which the event runs.

Trophies and Awards

As a minimum, CRS Rally events will award trophies/awards to the top 1/3 of the starters (limited to top 5) in each CRS class (for finishers only). Trophies will be for both drivers and co-drivers. For multiple event weekends the events may be combined into a single trophy for the weekend.

Rallysprints (Driver-Only vs Co-Driver Events)

Rallysprints are sometimes held on short courses where co-drivers may not be required. To avoid confusion relating to co-driver requirements, any Coef. 1 event advertised as a rallysprint that is included in the Rally (not Rallysprint) Championship which will require co-drivers must so state in the event announcement. If there is no such statement (“CO-DRIVERS REQUIRED”) co-drivers’ points will not be awarded in the Rally Championship, regardless of what happens at the event. The Rallysprint Championship does not award points for co-drivers, even if they are required.

Organizer Support

The CRS will lend any CRS organizer the funds required to pay the sanction and insurance fees. This loan is to be repaid to the treasurer prior to the event. The CRS maintains the following equipment and materials for use by event organizers free of charge: mailing list (address labels), clocks (hundredths-reading freezable plus start display clocks), Rallycross timing system, wrist watches, green flags, radios, sign boards, worker vests, banner ribbon, EZ-Up, and a portable public address system. The CRS will rent equipment to non-CRS organizers for 10% of the replacement cost of the particular item. Equipment that uses batteries will be supplied for rental with new batteries installed. CRS mailing labels will be made available to rally related businesses for $1 per label or for $20 per set for organizers of non-CRS events.