Year-End Awards

Class Awards

There will be year-end awards (eg., trophies) for the top competitors in each of the classes. Rallycross competitors must start a minimum of two events to be eligible for a year end award. For all Championships, trophies will be awarded as follows:

Number of Trophies Number of Competitors
5 15 or more
4 10-14
3 6-9
2 4-5
1 1-3

Rookie of the Year

To be a candidate a driver must begin the year having never finished a Rally as a driver. The Rookie of the Year Driver will be the qualifying driver who finishes in the highest percentile in his/her class. If a tie exists, the driver in the class with the most drivers will be the Rookie of the Year. If a tie still exists, the tie will remain. The Co-driver Rookie of the Year award will go to the first year codriver who accrued the most points with the driver who won Rookie of the Year.

The Kenneth Zimmerman Memorial Award

The Zimmerman Award was created to recognize those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the sport of rallying in general and the CRS specifically. The recipient is determined by the director of the CRS. The award honors the sportsmanship and support of Dr. Kenneth Zimmerman, and is presented by Chad DiMarco of Sube Sports.

Galal Souki Memorial Award

The Galal Souki award was created to recognize GT and Stock Class competitors who typify the spirit of helpfulness and competitiveness that has come to be associated with the Stock Classes.

Outstanding, Tenacious, and Persevering Worker

It is the unselfish contributions of workers at all events, whether communications, blockage or control workers, which enable our series to succeed. The recipients of this award are selected by the CRS Board of Governors in recognition of their years of service to the sport of rallying.

Bill Moore Memorial Award

The Bill Moore Award was created to honor a co-driver who, like Bill, has contributed to the sport of rallying in many areas, including as a worker, organizer, or BOG member.