CRS Rallycross Championship

Any year that there are four or more Rallycross events on the calendar at the beginning of the year, there will be a CRS Rallycross Championship for that year. For the purposes of this championship, Rallycross events will be those events which do not have route instructions, do not require a co-driver, and do not require a roll cage

An initial calendar for the Rallycross Championship will be published in the CRS rulebook. The following rules apply to changes:

  1. An event may be added provided that 1) the organizer provides at least six weeks lead time and 2) the organizer has previously completed a successful non-points event at that venue. The event may be listed as non-points on the website in the case of insufficient lead time.
  2. In the case of a date change, the organizer must provide notice at least three weeks in advance, or the event will lose its status as a championship event.
  3. In the case of possible cancellation or postponement due to unforeseen circumstances such as poor course conditions, the organizer must give notice at least ten days before the event date. An advisory will then be posted on the CRS website. The organizer will follow with a final decision at least two days from the event. This will be posted on the CRS website. Subsequent rescheduling on the championship calendar will allow at least three weeks lead time.


The Rallycross Championship will use the same system for awarding points, and resolving ties as the Rally Championship. There will be no organizer points awarded, because it is possible for an organizer to compete in his own event if he wants to. To be eligible for a year end award a competitor must have been a CRS member and started at least 2 events. Rallycross organizers will be limited to a maximum of three events per venue that will be included in the championship. Competitors will drop their worst event at any venue that has two or three championship events, as shown in the table below.

Number of Events
at a Given Venue
1 1
2 1
3 2

Rallycross championship points will be awarded in Rally 4wd, Rally 2wd, Street Modified 4wd, Street Modified 2wd, Street Stock 4wd and Street Stock 2wd classes. The two Street Stock Classes are for cars that have limited performance modifications, and do not use rally tires. Street Stock 2wd will be for two-wheel drive cars. Street Stock 4wd will be for four-wheel drive cars. For Street Stock the exhaust system does not need to be stock behind the catalytic converter. Replacement air filter elements are allowed and computer chip upgrades are allowed. There is no price limit for any of the Street Stock Classes. Cars that have been modified beyond the limits detailed above and are running “street” tires will be placed in either Street Modified 4wd or Street Modified 2wd. Any tires with non-circumferential sipes wider than .22” will not be allowed in any of the Street Stock or Street Modified Classes. Any cars running tires that do not qualify for the “Street” classes will be placed in either Rally 4wd or Rally 2wd class. For CRS Rallycross Championship points, competitors will only be allowed to accrue points in one class per event (to be declared by the competitor before the event).