2. Vehicle Eligibility

All cars on rally events are required to be street legal and licensed for use on the street. Most CRS rallies are sanctioned by NASA or Rally America. For these rallies all cars must have a vehicle Log Book. Other sanctioning bodies may not require log books or all of the items listed below. Check with the appropriate sanctioning body for events you intend to run. The list below is intended as an example of some requirements for NASA and Rally America events. Complete details can be obtained from the sanctioning body's website.

  1. A Hazardous Material Spill Kit
  2. Mud flaps on all driven and rear wheels
  3. A roll cage meeting requirements (including age)
  4. 5, 6, or 7 point harness meeting SFI spec 16.1 (no older than 5 years)
  5. Laminated safety glass front windshield
  6. Batteries inside the driver's compartment must be equipped with leakproof caps and be enclosed in a non-conductive "marine type" battery box
  7. Hood pins
  8. Two tow hooks (eyes), painted red or yellow, must be mounted to the vehicle, one front and one rear
  9. First aid kit meeting specifications
  10. 3 or more DOT reflective triangles
  11. Two Halon or dry chemical fire extinguishers with a total rating of at least 20 B:C. Cars with on-board systems must carry a removable minimum 10 B:C extinguisher as part of the required capacity.
  12. Tow rope
  13. A fireproof bulkhead is required between the driver's compartment and the gas tank, fuel pumps, fuel fillers and filters.
  14. Power door locks are prohibited
  15. Plastic sunroofs prohibited, metal sunroofs must be fixed shut
  16. Helmets with 2005 or newer “SNELL SA” sticker (“SNELL M” stickers are not acceptable, except at rallycross events), or meeting other listed standards.
  17. Driving suits meeting listed standards (ex., SFI 3-2A/1 driving suit with Nomex underwear, or SFI 3-2A/5).
  18. Seats that are not hinged-back and meet listed standards.