10. CRS Moto Championship

Any Rally event that includes RallyMoto and is a part of the CRS Rally Championship, is eligible for inclusion in the CRS Moto Championship. Any year that there are four or more qualified Moto events on the calendar at the beginning of the year, there will be a CRS Moto Championship. Riders must be CRS members prior to the event to accrue CRS Moto Championship points. The CRS Moto Championship will use the systems for awarding points, weighting, dropping events and resolving ties described in Common Championship Info. CRS Moto event organizers will have 200 organizer points available for the CRS Moto Championship, to split among the organizers (who did not compete in the event). No CRS Moto organizer shall receive more than 100 points (prior to weighting). Organizer points will only be valid after a person has received points as a competitor. CRS Moto events will award CRS points in two championship classes ("Moto U8" and "Moto O8").