4. CRS BOG Operation

The CRS is governed by a Board of Governors (BOG) which consists of the organizer from each CRS event (Rallies, Rallysprints and Rallycrosses). Membership on the BOG will begin once the event has been accepted onto the CRS calendar and continue for the remainder of the year the event occurs in, plus the following year. In addition to the organizers there will be a number of other members including: the Director, Equipment Managers, Secretary/Treasurer, Membership Officers, Competitor Liaison, CRS Moto Liaison, Rallycross Liaison, Press Liaison, Sponsor Liaison, Webmaster and the Stock Class Chairman. The responsibilities of the officers are detailed in Appendix L of these rules on the CRS Web site.

BOG Operation

The BOG shall make decisions on Calendar approval, amendments to these rules, amounts of fees, and any other items deemed appropriate by the Director. The BOG shall also be responsible for appointing people to fill the jobs of Equipment Manager, Secretary, Press Liaison, Rally Membership Officer, Treasurer, CRS Moto Liaison, Rallycross Liaison, Rallycross Membership Officer, Rallycross Pointskeeper & Equipment Manager, Webmaster and Sponsor Liaison. The BOG will also serve as an informal forum for the organizers to discuss items related to the organization of rallies. For the details of BOG operation see Appendix L of these rules.