7. CRS Rally Championship

Rally Championship Classes

Each Rally Championship competitor will have the possibility of accumulating points in ten categories (driver or co-driver in Open 4wd, CRS-2, CRS-5, CRS GT and Performance Stock Classes). Driver's points cannot be added to co-driver's points or vice versa. In other words all classes are tabulated independently. Organizer's points will be counted in only one class, which the organizer chooses at the time of his/her event.

Coef 1 Rally Co-Driver Requirements

To avoid confusion relating to co-driver requirements, any Coef. 1 event advertised as a rallysprint that is included in the Rally (not Rallysprint) Championship which will require co-drivers, must so state in the event announcement. If there is no such statement (“CO-DRIVERS REQUIRED”) co-drivers’ points will not be awarded in the Rally Championship, regardless of what happens at the event.

Points, event weighting, dropping events and ties

The Rally Championship will use the systems for awarding points, event weighting, dropping events and resolving ties described in Common Championship Info.