The California Rally Series (CRS) is a non-profit organization formed by the event organizers and the officers of the series. The CRS has three major goals:

  1. Support event organizers.
  2. Provide championships with meaningful year-end awards for local competitors.
  3. Promote the sport of Performance Rallying.

The role of supporting event organizers includes loaning organizers funds to pay up front expenses, as well as providing clocks, sign boards, radios and other equipment for organizers to use.

The role of providing meaningful championships has focused on the CRS Rally, Rallysprint and Rallycross Championships. In addition this role has resulted in the formation of popular competitor-driven rally classes like Performance Stock and CRS GT. The role of promoting the sport has resulted in the addition of "how to get involved" materials in the front of the rule book as well as on the CRS website.

CRS has also been active in promoting rallying at various car shows and other events, in recognizing volunteers, and in supporting rally schools.