The California Rally Series (CRS) is proud to announce the return of the large displacement, two-wheel drive class known as CRS-5 for the 2016 rally season. This class was put on hiatus after a period of low participation in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. However, the 2015 rally season saw a surge in vehicles that would have been eligible to compete in CRS-5, but were classified into Open class instead, where they were forced to compete against all-wheel drive cars. Recognizing the demand from competitors who want to race high-horsepower two-wheel drive cars and trucks, the CRS Board of Governors unanimously voted to reinstate the CRS-5 class for the upcoming 2016 season. The return of competition to CRS-5 promises to be a boon to spectators who enjoy watching powerful two-wheel drive cars and trucks getting sideways and throwing up big rooster tails!


CRS-5 is open to all two-wheel drive vehicles that are above the adjusted displacement limits of the CRS-2 class. Examples include large displacement engines such as V6 and V8 motors, as well as turbocharged four-cylinder vehicles. Modifications to stock vehicles are not limited so long as they remain two-wheel drive. Vehicles must also conform to all safety regulations of the sanctioning body governing the event.


As a further consequence of the return of CRS-5, Open class will once again be designated Open 4wd, and be limited to all wheel drive vehicles only.


The California Rally Series is the premier performance rally championship in the southwestern United States. The Series incorporates events from various sanctioning bodies in order to create a meaningful regional championship for its members. The Series celebrates more than 40 continuous years of performance rally, making it the longest running rally series in the United States. To learn more about the California Rally Series visit and follow @crspress on twitter.