Early registration for High Desert Trails 2011 is now open!

From the HDT website:

Initially, 20 spots will be reserved for cars and 10 for bikes. When Regular entry begins, these reserves vanish. A total of 30 vehicles will be accepted. The organizers reserve the right to extend the number of entrants upon their review.  Please keep in mind that an entry spot is not considered accepted until the entry form is complete and payment has been received in full.

Stage Notes are included with all car entries.
Scroll Chart Notes are included with all bike entries.

A Special Invitational Early Entry Fee will be offered to Alumni (any previous competitors) of the High Desert Trails Rally (1973-2010). Details are available in the supplemental regulations.

One of the huge things going for rally are completely new roads.

Head over to the event website for more details: www.highdeserttrails.com